The #10 represents so much in my life; 1/10 the day my mom died, 11/10 my daughters birthday, 8/10 my hubby’s birthday, 5/10 my dad & nieces birthday and 10 days until my 35th birthday (3/5). My mom would have turned 60 this year, I 35 & my daughter 10. We had big plans to celebrate in Hawaii! I probably would have went to Vegas also because that & she was my happy place! Today I’m sad because I’m missing my mom and I just don’t feel like myself! I planned dinner with my girlfriends but I’ll probably cancel! I want to feel normal, I want to be happy, laugh & reminisce but I feel awkward! I want to travel for my birthday, as usual, but I’m scared to go alone. I have barely 10 days, but before my new year begins I know I need to clear my head and mend my broken heart! 


  1. J Johnson
    February 26, 2018 / 1:48 am

    Tracy never forget that your mom raised a tough cookie! Know that she will be partying right along with you. It is ok to be sad and scared because that is what makes you human. Continue to honor your mom by doing what you both love..traveling. She raised a beautiful, young and strong woman so you better continue to rock out! You have inspired me to get out and travel more so you better not stop! Lol

  2. MichelleSoExtra
    February 26, 2018 / 3:37 pm

    Lord be strength, love, and light in my dear friends life. AMEN! I love you.

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