California Dreamin’


Planes, trains and automobiles… that about sums up my holiday weekend!

Who doesn’t love California! (That was not a question!) I’ve mentioned before that I was born in Fairfield, Ca and every time I visit I wonder why did we move to Indianapolis after leaving England instead of going back to Cali! Anywho, I’m there & traveling every chance I get!

 Shortly after confirming flights, I set my alarm so I could get tix to the Broad Museum! Tickets go on sale at noon the first Wednesday of the previous month  This Labor Day weekend my I found flights for $69 each way to/from San Diego & hubby & I bounced! We initially were flying into San Diego with a 3 hr layover at LAX. Of course, the smart thing to do was hop off & stay in LA for the weekend! We got a room at the JW downtown for under a hundred bucks! Ubered most places but Sunday we rented a car to get out of the city & go to a family/friends cookout for the holiday!

We had dinner & drinks at Perch in downtown LA! A cute, swanky rooftop restaurant & bar with beautiful views of the city! Hiking Runyon Canyon was also on my bucket list! I’m so happy we took the time to do this! Sunday morning I found out my grandfather passed & I really needed to get out & get another perspective on life/death! 

Monday morning we got up early & continuing with my year of firs we took a train down to San Diego. We left early enough to get lunch and catch our flight back to Indy!

California holds a special place in my heart! As much as I love weekend trips it’s never enough time! I’ve learned not to complain b/c as I always say! “I’ll def be back!”

Thank you for traveling along,




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