DEB Tres

Diner en Blanc year three!!! It’s always a slight headache as there’s so much to pack, double check & be on time for but this year I was feeling like a veteran and didn’t stress at all prior to the BIG event!

About a month ahead of time I ordered my pants (Linked HERE)and I already had the blazer & clear sandals, so not much to worry about there! My DEB bag stays packed so I just had to was my chargers, add dinnerware & my girlfriend offered to make me a centerpiece so I was so good to go! Little did I know she packed a whole tote for me with dishes, decor & even sent jewelry directly to my home! She has been hyping me up so much this year with my weight loss journey, career moves, mom’n & so much more!

Arrival time was between 4:30-5:30 about 10 min from my house so I took a half day from work, my favorite MUA was at my home by 1pm & by 4:30 David put our food in the oven to warm for a bit prior to heading out! This year, like the others we opted for chicken breast, mashed potatoes, corn & green beans. For desert we had last minute brownies & of course, adult beverages!

Let’s get it!

After dinner was the party, & what a party it was! Socializing, seeing old friends & dancing to some of the hottest tunes new & old!! Of course we took a thousand photos to later look back on the fun that was had! The event all happens so fast! It’s technically only from 7-10, but really like 8:30-10 b/c from 7-8:30 you are walking, setting up, having dinner or waiting for the party to kick off!

I say this every year, but if Diner en Blanc rolls through your city of if by chance you snag an invite, GO! it’s work but isn’t anything worth having/experiencing!?!

Erica & I
Aunt Teresa & I
Some of the ladies!!
The DEB Crew
Tutu, Me & Kelli
Ronnie & I懶

Thanks, for traveling along

Tracy, DEB 2021 

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