About 15 years ago my husband & I were obsessed with watching Mega Structures & that is when we began watching the planning & building of the man made islands in Dubai which would be know as the Palms. There are 4 in Dubai, Palm Jumeriah, Palm Deira , Palm Jebel Ali & The World.

It all began with a 13 hr flight from Chicago to Dubai via Emirates Airline. The airline was nice but nothing like I expected. I flew Xiamen Airlines to Bali & their economy was more spacious & the bathrooms were much larger. None the less we made it safe.

Day 1- After arriving in Dubai the next evening, we had a late night of dinner & drinks at the SoBe Rooftop Bar.

Day 2- we spent the day at the pool & beach relaxing trying to get adjusted to the time zone! Later that night we went to the souks which is a story for another time! We got some souvenirs & spices but unfortunately no gold!

Arabian Tea House

That evening we had dinner at Akira Black which was a delicious Japanese Sushi Bar! I opted for the crab fried rice & lobster tempura. We also went to the rooftop club The Penthouse at The Five Resort.

Day 3- In need of some me time, I got up & went to the Mall by myself, which was located in Old Dubai. I just window shopped & walked around sight seeing. After I met some of my group at the pool & had lunch prior to going to the Desert Safari. The Safari was so much fun! Sand bashing, dune buggy driving & dinner in the desert after a show! It was all very rushed but it gets dark very early. Prior to leaving some opted for a 2 minute camel ride in the dark.

Day 4- we went sight seeing at The Frame, Burj Khalifa, & the Dubai Mall. After we went for a dinner cruise that unfortunately had the same show & Arabian food as the Safari. We ended the night with drinks & appetizers at the SOBE rooftop bar again.

Day 5- Best Day Ever! We started the day at the Dubai Expo, visited a few exhibits & left for the Nakheel Mall, at the top there is an observation desk with stunning views of the Palm. Then we spent the day at the beach to cool off from the extreme heat! That night we experienced the most amazing experience with Dinner in the Sky! The food was by far the best we had in Dubai as well as the vibe! The music was live & the once in the air we were in for a treat as it was opening night for the Dubai Eye! After dinner we made our way to Havana at Caesar’s Palace for hookah & drinks!

Day 6- wasn’t too shabby either! We took a private car & day tripped to Abu Dhabi! This was a great experience as well because we were able to immerse into the culture & really learn about how the UAE  became only 50 years ago & also how they are such a rich country! Abu Dhabi has is made up of 200 islands & has one man made island. All of the islands can be reached by bridge & today we visited multiple islands. Unbeknownst to me the government pays the locals (only 10% of the population) monthly commission from tourism & gas & oil. Each local also gets a home & car of their choice once they marry, & the men are allowed to marry up to 4 women. Upon returning to Dubai, we got massages so we could feel de stressed & ready for our long flight home. After we met back up & had a farewell dinner at Akira Black & ended the night talking, planning our next trip(s) and playing cards!

Day 7- up early & off to the airport 3 hours early to stand in beyond long lines with Emirates Air prior to taking the 15:35 hour flight back home to the USA  I am not a fan of long trips so I’m happy to be heading back home! In addition I don’t prefer to return to the same place twice but I wouldn’t mind returning to Abu Dhabi in about 10 years to see what they have created to make it the 2nd largest tourism destination behind Dubai.

As always, thanks for traveling along!

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    The pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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