Golden Birthday

Happy Birthday 10th Taylen!

Two months ago, I texted my girlfriend asking if I would be doing too much taking my daughter to Disney World for her birthday? She responded, “we gotta stop feeling guilty about doing what we what to do for ourselves/family!” And she was so right!

My mini, my only mini is turning 10 &  I wanted to make it a birthday she won’t forget! I enjoy traveling with her and I enjoy making her smile, so why not surprise her with a trip to the happiest place on earth! A while back her god mother told her that it was going to be her golden birthday since she was turning 10 and was born on the 10th! She totally ran with that, planning parties that she cancelled and finally said, “mommy just surprise me!”

So I did just that! First thing I did was book the Orlando World Center Marriott which I have been wanting to stay at for a while now!  The resort has an awesome pool area which features two 200-foot winding waterslides and a heart-racing 90-foot speed slide which stays open til 11pm which was important for our short trip. The resort also features the G.R.I.D, the resort’s high-tech play area where Kids ages 9 to 12 are welcome to play Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and more. It is located in between the airport and Disney and right near the Prime Outlets as well!  Second, I ordered magic bands and other personalized goodies to help make her birthday memorable. I was super excited to discover that magic bands are now being sold without having to stay on site at a Disney property.  Last I booked our park tickets! Other than that there wasn’t much to do but pack a overnight bag and get ready to have some fun! In total the trip was less than $400 with spending money included, which is about what I would spend if she had a birthday party in the city.

Saturday after Taylen’s mandatory cheer practice we headed straight to the airport! We arrived in Orlando and uber’d to the hotel and went straight to the pool! And then rested up for a day at Disney. The next morning we were in no rush to get to the park as we knew exactly what we wanted to ride and I already had the fast pass+ downloaded onto our magic bands.  In addition, this is maybe our 6th or 7th time at Disney. Throughout the day we both had the most awesome time and most of all enjoyed each others company! I thought we would shut down the park but we were super tired & left a bit early and headed straight to the airport. 

This trip like many definitely had me in my feelings as this would have most definitely been a birthday trip that my mother would not have missed out on! We are blessed and we will not complain!

Flights: 20k Southwest Rapid Reward Points

Orlando World Center Marriott Hotel: $94 with friends/family discount

Tickets to Disney World: $122 each

Taylen’s 10th Birthday: Priceless


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