Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

How was your mother’s day? Do anything exciting! Get to sleep in? Have a quiet dinner? I’m sure not! Mommas are always on the go! Running here & there making moves for our minis! This year was no different! I spent 4/5 days in Orlando for my daughters cheer competition! Running to & from practice, competitions & in between time park hopping through Disney World! I’m not complaining! Like most Mother’s we do so much but the end results are always so rewarding! I enjoyed being off work, spending time with my family & treating my mini!

Orlando, FL 2018

WWOS 2018

I was actually pretty excited about having a lot to do this Mother’s Day weekend because if not I knew I’d be home sad & thinking of my mother! Only 4 months ago I gained my own personal angel! It’s been rough but I’m so thankful for all the many memories that we’ve shared & that my mini was able to share with her!

Grand Cayman Island 2017

Las Vegas, NV 2017

Prior to our trip to Disney (which my mother was supposed to attend) Taylen reminded me that the Nana was with her for her first trip to Disney World, Vegas, international trip, Chicago & basically almost everywhere else she’s traveled! In addition she taught her how to ride a bike & how to be strong! Talking to this 9 year old reminded me of everything my mother was to me but also to her!

Montego Bay, Jamaica 2017

Fairfield, CA 1983

This Mother’s Day I am smiling knowing that my mother was proud of me & I know this because after ever graduation, every birthday, every trip, everytime she talked me off the ledge, every FaceTime I cried on her virtual shoulder every single day that we talked multiple times she told me & showed me every time we hugged! My only regret is that my daughter won’t have her there for her physically like I did!

Happy Mother’s Day & remember to give your Mother’s & the influential women in your life their flowers while they are here!




  1. Celeste Porter
    May 18, 2018 / 5:39 pm

    My Mother’s Day was great. Went to brunch then to the food truck mania. So it was a good day.

    • traqttravels
      August 22, 2018 / 7:13 pm

      Food tuck mania sounds awesome!!!

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