Havana ooh na na….

Havana ooh na na🎶 Basically that was my theme song all weekend! And in my opinion a long weekend is all you need! Let me start by saying Havana is not for the weak! It is hot as hell & the food is just ok! So hot & hungry are not how I like spend my days traveling! But when in Rome…. you know the rest! Either way the Air BnB was super nice & Varadero Beach was simply beautiful to say the least! The culture is like no other & the Cuban people seem generally happy! It’s a good time to unplug & enjoy something different! 
Here are a few details b/c YES it is still possible to visit Cuba & might I add with NO questions asked! 
Flight: Southwest
AirBNB link here
Tour guide: Julio Jose Cubela Canto here
Visa: $75 at ticket counter 
Sights: Old Havana, Havana, Lookout Point, Kings Bar, El Cocinero, Varadero Beach, Hotel Nacional de Cuba
Take: hat, washcloths, toilet paper


Cuba is completely disconnected, make sure to read my 10 tips for Cuba here before you travel!! 

As always, thanks for traveling along! 


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