Happy Birthday to me!!

Trunk Bay, St. John

It’s been another eventful year to say the least but I won’t complain! My career has totally been flipped upside down, my grandma went on to heaven & I’m doing my best to raise a now teen, literally a mini me without Rene’ to guide me; but when I think about the things that make me the most happy my travels, friends & family are obviously the top 3!

Coki Beach, St. Thomas

To celebrate another trip around the sun we ventured to the US Virgin Islands! Upon arrival it immediately had me thinking of the Amalfi Coast! I had never been to an island that was a complete mountain with houses & hotels stacked on top of one another! Greenland everywhere, you can’t even see the roads, and such narrow roads they are!

It feels like the US has forgotten about this beautiful set of islands that I’m sure at some point we fought for! The island of St John only has a school that goes up to the 4th grade so after that students must take a ferry daily to attend school over on St Thomas island! Realistically it may not be that big of a deal, I don’t know island life. I’m just a city girl traveling country by country trying to experience as much as I can with the ones I love!

Places to highlight on the island are Coki Beach, Lime Out, Trunk Bay & the Caribbean Fish Market at the Wyndham Elysian Resort. Coki Beach is a beautiful beach right in town near Margaritaville. It’s touristy for sure but has a nice restaurant, beautiful coral for snorkeling! Lime Out is a taco bar in the middle of the ocean with delicious tacos & a vibe you can’t match! Clearly you can only get here by boat so make sure to plan a yacht day! Trunk Bay is said the most visited, most photographed & voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! I could have sat here for multiple days straight! I’ve been to a lot of beaches & personally I’ve never experienced anything like it! The Caribbean Fish Market which was conveniently located at our resort I was told was maybe the best food on the island. Reservations are highly recommended! We missed out but I’d return just for the crab stuffed lobster dish!

Coki Beach

In all the USVI are the United States little gems, you can take a ferry between Puerto Rico & each of the USVI, they are all just that close! Take advantage & take a trip, long or short you won’t regret it! & no passport necessary!!

Wyndham Elysian Resort

Thanks for traveling along!

Tracy 💋

Sunset Cruise

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  1. March 15, 2022 / 7:09 pm

    Happy Birthday! Glad you had a great trip.

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