Perfect North

For multiple years I’ve talked about going to Perfect North Slopes to attempt to ski before heading to a real ski resort in Colorado (which is still on my bucket list). Anywho, with an invite from a friend I finally made it! A short 1.5 hour drive from Indianapolis & we were able to ski, snowboard and snow tube for $70-$80!

We arrived early & it was pretty crowded! We were also first timers so it took a little over an hour to get situated with skis, helmet, boots & bibs! The snow looked real but was a lot harder than real snow! The cafe offered a variety of pizza, chicken strips, salad, chili, soup, baked potatoes & sweet treats at a reasonable price and the food was actually pretty good!

After nearly 8 hours and many fallls we had a great time and left with memories that will last forever!!




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