Road tripping

Someone asked me if road trips count as travel! Uhm…for me they do! Travel is travel to me! I enjoy it all! The furthest I’ve driven is to the Florida state line which is exactly 12 hours from my home and I only did it just to say I did it! But, I was proud of myself & I’m sure you can guess who was in the back seat cheering me on (my mommy)!! This weekend was a short ride but still sweet.  My mini has yet another cheer competition and we traveled to Rosemont, IL which is only 2.5 hours from Indy. It’s a suburb of Chicago. Prior to any road trip I try to make sure all our devices are charged, snacks & coloring books are packed and new music is loaded. Usually, my daughter & I sleep the entire way while hubby drives, but surprisingly we were awoke the entire way there this trip! Chicago seems to always be a good time as there is a lot to see & do! Cheer was over by noon each day but surprisingly we didn’t venture down into Chicago. The traffic was busy as usual so we just went to the outlets and back to the hotel to relax, eat and swim.  Since it’s so close to home we’ve already done obvious things like the Navy Pier, Sears Tower observation deck, The Aquarium etc. so I wasn’t that bummed about not doing much this trip and actually it was nice to relax. In all, as usual it was a good trip and we will definitely be back!

Comfortable riding clothes are a must!

Snacks & doodling items

Everyone brings their neck pillows! Even the driver!

My favorite memory of Chicago. Circa 2011. ⤵️

Willis/Sears Tower Observation Deck



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  1. Shannon Mitchell
    March 28, 2018 / 6:43 pm

    Im going to take my kids to Chicago for a weekend get-a-way this summer!

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