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Live, love, educate, travel… those are my favorite things to do! I am a wife and mother of one little girl who also has caught the travel bug. My mom and dad both loved to travel, internationally, cruises and to visit friends domestic. I got my first passport when I was three years old and we moved from Fairfield, California overseas to England. I currently work as a school counselor at a public high school. Clearly I am not rich with money but definitely rich with family, friends and the things that God has blessed me with. One thing that I must do in regards to traveling is plan ahead. I am a saver and a planner. Some of my favorite sites to use when planning travel are Southwest, Marriott, Google Flights, Skiplagged and WhereFor. Southwest and Marriott are self explanatory. Google Flights allows you to search “Everywhere” without putting in a specific destination. For instance most times I am just wanting to go anywhere so I will search US or Caribbean or Mexico to see where I can go cheapest. WhereFor, allows you to put in dates and a budget and it will tell you where you can go for that price on those specific dates. I then, still look for my own hotel options and play around with flights to make sure I am getting the best deal possible. Skiplagged, I use if I have a specific destination and dates and i’m just trying to triple check that I have researched all my options. What are your favorite travel sites and tips?

1. Plan ahead
2. Be spontaneous if you find a deal
3. Double and triple check
4. Be certain… as most airlines have change fees (hence why Southwest is my fav)

Below, Paris pictures b/c I’m currently watching prices for summer travel back to Paris! 


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  1. CB
    March 19, 2018 / 12:32 am

    These are great tips! I’ll have to try WhereFor. Look forward to more travel trips and seeing where your next adventure takes you!

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