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Passport please.. and thanks! Tracy here~wandering wife, mama and educator. This post is related to last summers travels but I’ve gotten so many inquiries about travel with kids, and I will be featured on I feel it is relevant!  In June we made a summer bucket list, you know things you want to do over the summer! On the top of my minis list was getting her passport! Last summer was very busy for my family as my mom was battling breast cancer & had surgery scheduled. Oh & she lived all the way in Las Vegas! My hubby and I had a couples trip planned to The Essence Festival in New Orleans. I had a military visit planned to San Diego for work and my mini had a cousins trip planned to Nashville as well. And the usual trip to Kings Island to end the summer!  Mid June we travel to Vegas for 2 weeks to be with my mom during her surgery! While there my mom & I found and planned to go to the Cayman Islands since I found flights for $59 each way from Ft. Lauderdale on Southwest Airlines.  Once home in Indianapolis My husband and I took my daughter to get her passport! She was so excited! Earlier in the year I had taught her how to sign her name in cursive and she was so excited to show the postal worker that she knew how to write in cursive! About 4-6 weeks later her passport arrived! And another 10-12 weeks later we were off to the Grand Cayman Island! We stayed at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach House!! It was absolutely beautiful! The outdoor space was indescribable! Beach front, with a beautiful pool,  restaurant and water activities near by! Although not all inclusive the beach house offered bicycles for rent, paddle boarding & kayaks for free. Jet skis and other motorized activity for a charge. The beach house also offered a variety of kid friendly activities such as hair braiding, slime & bath bomb making, s’mores bonfire party and so much more for the entire family! If in search of things to do, the resort has representatives on property with multiple options of excursions to try and places to go! We opted for the catamaran sail to the other side of the island for snorkeling and lunch with a stop at Stingray City  Swimming with the stingrays is by far the most adventurous thing I’ve ever done but I’m so happy that we have that experience under our belts! My only suggestion to take into consideration when traveling to the Cayman Island or international location is to check the currency exchange rate! Cayman dollars are worth more than US dollars. And as you know almost nothing in this world is free…especially when traveling.

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